Hamms Fish Fry

The Hamms of Bartonville, IL
are known for three things: they build boats, they catch fish, and they hold fish fries. Whenever the family is brought up, people always qualify it. They do not just build boats, they build the best boats. They do not just catch fish, they catch boat loads of fish at a time.

They do not just host fish fries, they have fed thousands of people. They have a three-generation tradition on the Illinois River.

So, when they back a product with their name, with their tradition of commercial fishing and commercial boat construction, you can count on its integrity. Hamm's Fish Fry Breading Mix embodies the rich heritage of the Hamms in a flavor sensation that will take you straight up the river.

Ask for Hamm's Fish Fry at your local grocery and sporting goods stores.

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